Open Jump

Full access to the Flight Deck!
• Open Court
• Dodgeball
• Dunk Lanes
• Airbag

At the parents discretion Jumpers 42″ and under have Full Access to our entire park. If at any point you or your child feel overwhelmed in our Park, your child has the option to Jump in the Aviation Academy. The Aviation Academy is only for children 42″ an under.

1Hour Flight Pass: $12.00

2 Hour Flight Pass: $22.00

Glow Night: $15.00

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Jump Packs

Major flight time with major savings!

Mini Jump Pack: $30.00

3 Hours – $36.00 Value!

Pilot Jump Pack: $70.00

10 Hours – Free T-Shirt – $120 Value!

Crew Jump Pack: $300.00

50 Hours – Free T-Shirt – $600 Value!

Squadron Jump Pack: $500.00

100 Hours – Free Birthday Party

Free T-Shirt – $1,369 Value!

Jump Packs available in park!

Toddler Tumble

Toddlers get to spread their
wings and fly across the
entire Flight Deck, free of
larger air traffic!

  Toddler Tumble Hours:

Monday’s & Friday’s:
10:00am – 12:00pm

**Ages 6 and under ONLY**

2 hours: $8.00

One parent jumps free with the toddler!

Ages 6 and under.

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