Why Have Your Fundraiser at Flight Deck?


You Get More Money!

25-35% of every dollar spent goes directly to your school. Flight Deck is the perfect fundraiser for any school, organization, or non-profit.

Maximum Fun!

There aren’t many things more enjoyable than pretending to be a super hero or doing your favorite dance moves as you fly through air. Kids love Flight Deck and are sure to have a blast.

Cool Zone Frozen Yogurt.

Jumping really works an appetite! Cool Zone, our frozen yogurt bar, is the perfect place to grab a cold, healthy treat.

It’s Easy!

Having your fundraiser at Flight Deck is an easy, turnkey solution. We’ll provide you with everything needed for a successful fundraiser.

Ready to Get Started?

*** To inquire more information in regards to a Flight Deck Fundraiser, or to schedule a Fundraiser, please email our Manager at Morgan.Wills@fdtp.com ***


How do I get started?

Simply fill out the contact form and a friendly Flight Deck coordinator will contact you to book your fundraiser date.

When can I book a fundraiser?

We’re ready! Flight Deck is available for fundraisers any day of the week from open to close. We will work to fit your schedule.

How does my school get credit for our jumpers?

It’s easy! Just tell your students & parents to mention their school name on the spirit night and presto-magic! 25-35% of all sales go back to your school.

Is there a limit to fundraisers?

We just ask that you limit to one fundraiser per semester so that as many schools as possible can benefit, throughout our community.

What’s the catch?

There’s no catch! We want to be a great corporate partner in the greater Fort Worth and Arlington community.

Can my private school or youth group have a fundraiser?

Yes! If you have a non-profit group of 25 or more kids, your group is eligible!

How does my school / organization get paid?

Give us a week to crunch the numbers after your fundraiser night and we’ll mail a check to your school / organization.